Different people develop different ambitions when they approach 30 years of age. Some people want to get married, some people look to get a stable job, some on the other hand, live a carefree life. Everyone, who is approaching 30 has a goal in mind and they work hard to achieve it. Life shapes and molds us in such a way that sooner or later everyone falls into track and finds a path.

But have you ever wondered why everyone around us is just as good as we are and why there are a smaller number of extremely successful people ?

Because success is a complex phenomenon that is not tied solely to someone’s intelligence. There are at least 4 factors that majorly determine success:

  • Intelligence
  • Hard work and persistence
  • Privilege
  • Luck

Hard work and persistence are factors which belongs to the class – Attitude.

Unfortunately, people do not create a goal to develop their attitude. People create materialistic goals in life. In this article I want to stress on the fact of developing an attitude-oriented goal.

Imagine promising yourself for the next 5 years to work hard for every task at hand and not care about the outcome. The learning in this process will be immense and it will simultaneously guarantee peace of mind.

When we were in school our teachers used to guide us to develop an attitude towards doing various tasks. For Example, while playing a sport our teachers always used to teach us the importance of team work and helping others. In a way the teachers were trying to develop in us a sportsmanship attitude towards life. It was expected that we will utilize the learnings gained during playing sports into other aspects of life. It is for the same reason that people with sports background are considered smarter and are often preferred by many B-schools over other candidates.

Unfortunately, as we grow older attitude driven learning is subsided by goal driven learning.

So what kind of attitude should people develop to succeed in life ?

In my opinion, develop an attitude to fail. Try to fail at as many tasks as you can. Hard work is important. Most of us do hard work, but what is more important is failing regularly because if we are not failing at tasks, we are not learning anything.

What most of us miss out on during our age of 25-30 is the willingness to commit mistakes. This is the phase of life where people start entering their comfort zone. Most of us are earning well enough after 25 and we start to invest in our luxury. Although it’s not wrong to live a luxurious lifestyle with all the comforts, what we must make sure is that we don’t pass on this comfort to our attitude towards life.

My father once told me that the number of mistakes one can commit in life are limited. He advised me to commit as many mistakes as soon as possible so that all I am left with after 30 are learnings and wisdom to do things perfectly. Although this might not sound very practical and hence it is very important to fail as much as possible. We fail because of mistakes and once we fail we learn the intricate details that are required to succeed. Also, people never fail inside their comfort zone. Failing at tasks we would have never picked up inside our comfort zone will make sure that we are in the middle of a struggle and are committing mistakes.

This attitude of failing and committing mistakes in life will make us a great learner and will give us an edge over everyone else around us as with every passing failure we will become wiser.

It is said that people become a bit wiser on their every birthday. I say that we can become a bit wiser every day by developing the attitude and willingness to learn, commit mistakes and fail.

In a nutshell- before 30, get out of the comfort zone and try to fail. May the force be with you.

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