Bring Toys to the Homeless Shelter

While birthdays and holidays is a joyful time for many, it can be extremely hard for children who don’t have a proper roof over their heads. If there is a homeless shelter for families near your place, consider giving away toys. If you can afford, you can even buy new toys for them. Watch the little faces light up as they unwrap the toys and merrily play with them.

Give a Stranger a Compliment

A nice compliment from a total stranger can do wonders. Remember that time when you weren’t sure about your glossy red boots? Then this young lad in a store commented how awesome they looked and that was all you needed to hear to make you happy for that day. Don’t hold back on compliments. Give them away. They are free after all.

Make a Music Playlist for Someone

Older parents can sometimes be slightly tech-challenged. It could take ages for them to create a playlist of all their favorite oldies, so why not make it easy for them and make a list with all the best songs.  They would be over the moon! Even if it’s not your parents, I’m sure you know someone who could use a customized playlist.

Give Your Favorite Book to a Friend

The best gift you can give a friend is wisdom. Books are the true source of wisdom. Sharing something you like to read with your friends will make sure they understand your thoughts and beliefs. The kind of books you read reflects how you approach life.

Donate to a Friends Charity

It’s becoming more popular for people to opt out of birthday gifts and instead request donations to their favorite charities. So, give a little to help a friends cause.

Tell a Boss About a Good Employee

Many days we only hear about employees who are not doing such a good job, but turn it around and give kudos to someone who is doing great.

Donate Towels or Blankets to the Animal Shelter

On a frosty winter night when the biting cold wind blows and the clouds roar with all their might, there would be a small puppy snuggled up in a warm blanket that you donated. All cozied up thanks to you! Don’t throw away old blankets and worn-out towels into the garbage bin. Give them away to your local animal shelter.

Bring Someone a Souvenir

Are you on a vacation? You must be having a time of your life exploring the dense tropical jungles and diving with marine creatures! When you go back home, do take a handful of souvenirs back for your friends and family! They will be happy to know that you were thinking of them.

Take 15 Minutes to Really Listen to Someone

You may think she is simply nagging, but have you ever truly paid attention to what she is actually saying? When someone talks their heart out to you, don’t make a face and zone out. Instead, invest a few minutes and really listen to them. Go an extra mile and offer them a couple of helpful tips as well.

Donate Your Clothes

I love clothes! Every few weeks or so, I go out and buy a couple of pieces that inevitably end up being worn only once or twice before it get shoved to the back of the closet to make room for new stuff. There are always plenty of clothing items that I don’t need in perfect condition ready to be passed on. If you have a huge collection of clothes that you don’t plan of wearing, don’t hoard. Donate it to a charity and send them off to a new home.

Plant a Tree

This random act of kindness is simple enough, but it can save the world. Make sure to plant a few greens and watch them blossom into a scenic foliage. Care for them and don’t forget to water them regularly. The earth deserves it!

Talk to the Shy One at a Party

We all have been there… Standing quietly in the corner pretending to be busy on phone as you watch people around you are mingling and dancing. You just want to escape, but you are the designated driver and you just cannot leave your friends stranded. Then this person appears out of nowhere and make an effort to talk to you. You are suddenly having a great time! When you a spot a wallflower at a party, go ahead and have a little chit-chat.

More to be added as and when they pop up in my mind.

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